Münster’s parks, greens and recreation areas add up to no less than 348 hectares. The most well-known one, the Lake Aasee, is located just a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue.

The “Promenade” is the place to be for runners. The 4.5 kilometre long circuit around Münster’s historic old town is free from traffic and surrounded by green environment. If you want to run even further, there is also a very good running path along the Lake Aasee. The 6.5 kilometre route takes you around the whole lake once (adding up with the “Promenade route” to an almost completely traffic free running circuit of 11 kilometres). And if you wish to cut short, you simply cross the bridge (“Torminbrücke”) in the middle of the lake. This smaller route around the lake is about 2.7 kilometres long.