China's seafood exports: a growing market

Other / Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

In order to develop their internal economies and GDPs, countries with natural resources export them for a fee. China does not stand on the sidelines of this economic line and practices it for seafood. It has staggering export figures. Read this article about it for more details.

What is the growth of seafood exports in China?

Globally, China is unstoppable in its progress in various fields, including seafood exports. This site speaks volumes for you. Indeed, China is the world's largest seafood exporter. From 2012 to 2017, its sales to foreign territories increased by 10.3% in each of the years in between. Today, sales have exceeded $20 billion. This great growth is justified by the fact that large nations like Canada source their seafood from China. The quantity of seafood products demanded by these countries is enormous.

The legal provisions for seafood exports from China

Contrary to rumors that Chinese products do not benefit from quality monitoring before export, a very precise control circuit is carried out. Indeed, companies engaged in seafood exports must have prior approval from the competent authorities of the importing country. This system allows the importing country to guarantee the quality of the products. This is a provision of China's Decree No. 248 and 249. Therefore, the importing country can judge whether the products are acceptable or not. In either case, arrangements are made to conclude the deal. Either by changing the shipment or by deeming it compliant. Canada, a very control-oriented country, certifies the quality of seafood from China. In any case, China is a major food exporting country. Seafood is one of these growing products. This is a real opportunity. A legal provision accompanies this sector. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. You will benefit from the economic boom in the Middle Kingdom. Don't forget, seafood is well consumed all over the world.