How to build a winter garden?

Other / Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

The winter garden is a temporary shelter in which plants that are sensitive to low temperatures are installed. These are facilities that add charm to the home. The idea of building one at home can therefore cross the mind of everyone. This being said, how to build a winter garden? Find out the answer in the following article.

Installing the heating equipment

The construction and success of a conservatory relies primarily on the heating installed in it. To heat a geodesic dome£, you can use the same heating devices as those installed in your home. Electricity heating is more recommended for winter gardens.

It is also possible to use renewable energy heaters in a winter garden, regardless of whether it is electrified or not. For solar energy, photovoltaic panels should be placed on both sides of the conservatory ceiling. The important thing to remember here is that due to the low temperatures in winter, the solar panels will not be able to capture enough sunlight. Therefore, solar energy should be considered as a backup heating system.

On the other hand, with the wind turbine, the winter garden will be amply supplied with heat. Under these conditions, it is quite possible to use this place as a place of relaxation. It will be necessary to install furniture for this purpose.

Which plant to choose?

There are several plants that can survive in a winter garden. And this, whether it has a heater or not. Moreover, it is important to choose plants that are predisposed to survive the winter period. This includes orchids and hyacinths. In addition to looking neat in this time, these plants give off a very pleasant smell. So you can spend days in the winter garden to enjoy a soothing, calm environment.

Don't hesitate to install mosquito netting around the winter garden to protect the plants from insects.