How to fight against the heaviness of the legs?

Other / Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

After a day full of movement, due to the many races, you may not be able to move around in the evening. This is a problem that persists especially in women. They often have heavy feet or legs and cannot move at all. So much pain is enormous. But there are ways to remedy this evil. Check out some of these ways in this article.

What could be at the root of the heaviness in the legs?

In the organism, an ailment can cause the whole body to malfunction. Indeed, there is heaviness in the legs because there is poor circulation of the blood. You know that the tissues that are present in the legs (bones, muscles, skin) are nourished thanks to the vascular network. In the functioning of the network, it is the arteries that bring oxygen-rich blood and the veins carry waste to the heart. The network works back and forth. So if the blood flow to the tissues in the legs is blocked, it creates heaviness in the legs. However, there are remedies to relieve it.

Some natural remedies to relieve heaviness in the legs

In terms of practical and natural advice to reduce the signs of pain in the legs, you should avoid dressing in very tight clothes and you should also avoid heating yourself on the floor. This is favorable to the blood circulation. However, you can use products to stimulate the flow of blood to the tissues. As products, there are phlebotonic and venotonic capsules which improve the tone of blood vessels to facilitate blood circulation. Other products that we can advise you are creams and gels to create an atmosphere of freshness. For your information, we apply the gels in the evenings after finishing the day's activities. Other remedies are sport and massage.