How to protect your company from DDoS attacks?

Other / Thursday, April 27th, 2023

With the emergence of new technologies, cyber-attacks have become a major threat to all companies. DDoS attacks in particular can lead to a bankruptcy of your company. At the time of the cloud where these cyber-attacks become more complex, it is essential to reinforce the security of your society. You will therefore find, below, some solutions to protect your websites against DDoS attacks.

Trusting an expert company to handle your company's security

One of the possible solutions to protect your company from a DDoS attack is to rely on a company expert in the field. Koddos is, for example, an expert company in DDoS protection. By using their services, your websites remain safe from a potential cyber-attack that could delay your business. In the event that your platforms are targeted by hackers, the company can quickly detect the attack in order to limit its damage. To ensure your company's security, you can subscribe to different anti-DDoS services depending on the size of your company. 

Set up a network firewall system

Setting up a firewall system can also help protect you from DDoS attacks. However, this solution is insufficient since it will only limit the attack instead of stopping it. The firewall will only block IP addresses from the same source. Since there are different types of DDoS attacks, adopting an appropriate configuration can improve your resistance against some of these attacks.

Set up a monitoring system or cleaning center

By keeping an eye on your network activity, you will be able to quickly detect a DDoS attack. To ensure such surveillance, you can therefore set up a monitoring system that will alert you in case of suspicious activities on your website. Setting up a buffer server, also known as a cleaning center, is also an effective way to avoid this type of cyberattack. This software will analyze the incoming traffic and then filter and clean it. In this way, if a threat is detected, it will not affect the server.

Other possible solutions against DDoS attacks

There are more security measures that can be applied to protect your website from cyber-attacks than you might think. In addition to hiring DDoS experts or implementing security systems, here are some other options you can consider. 

Choose a web architecture with mirror sites

Another protection solution for your company is to get different domain names. By doing this, if one of your websites undergoes a DDoS attack, traffic will be redirected to the other platform. 

Ensure better control of your Internet usage  

You can also prevent a DDoS attack on your website by limiting access to your system. Two-factor identification can be useful to ensure a better management of your Internet network. You can yet limit the entry of certain URLs. This will allow you to have better control over the traffic on your platform.

Use anti-robot tricks

With CAPTCHA tests, you can also protect your company from DDoS attack. These IT tools can improve the overall security of your business. It is therefore advisable to use them to prevent your website from being vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
To protect your business from DDoS attacks, several solutions are possible. You can entrust the security of the company to an establishment expert in DDoS protection. You can yet set up a network firewall or monitoring system. To stay safe from these computer attacks, it is also possible to use different sites with various domain names. CAPTCHA tests and two-factor identification are also some solutions that can protect your company from DDoS attacks.