The handpan: What should you know about this accessory?

Other / Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

The handpan is an instrument that has stood the test of time due to its many qualities. Its ability to give an amazing sound makes it a very useful object in these modern times. But what do you really need to know about the handpan?

What is the handpan?

The handpan is a percussion instrument that is generally made of steel. Often called hang, the handpan is an instrument that is played using the fingers and hands, with direct hits on the metal. It is a membrane instrument that can easily be approved to bring better quality, hypnotic sounds. Each handpan can exist in a unique aspect. This is possible thanks to its still weak reputation and its still artisanal manufacture. Indeed, the handpan is made of a tense and solid surface. It features dimples and bosses that don't percent steel. By playing the hang smooth drum the sound obtained is clear and magical. It's an attractive and captivating ceramic that delivers stunning tone with a mid-high resonance. However, the handpan can have between 7 to 10 notes.

Why do we play handpan?

The manufacture of the hang drum can be done with many materials to suit different playing styles. Thus, it gives meditative sounds lent outdoors and fast indoors. In this case, the quality of sound provided by the handpan is what makes it very important. His sound universe is inexhaustible with infinite creations. As a result, the hang drum gives the possibility of producing bewitching sounds with their subtle, poetic and intimate characters. In addition, the melodies produced with a handpan are intuitive. It is not necessary to take a music theory course to achieve this. Mainly, the hang drum is played by anyone, for relaxation or meditation. The handpan is then a musical instrument played spontaneously to create quality sounds, just from one's own imagination.